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80% of brokers quit in their first 5 years.

Those who do survive are often overworked, stressed – and keep hitting their head on the 100 mortgages/year ceiling – ouch!

But there’s the odd broker who breaks through to extraordinary success.

You can be that odd broker too.

You just need the right team (of oddballs) beside you.

Teamwork Makes Your Dreams Work

After decades in the mortgage business, the solution that’s empowered us to meet our ambitions:

A team of exceptional people:

  • Saves you time and stress with admin duties (docusign, doc upload, labelling, etc)
  • Saves you time in underwriting mortgages (from live to fund!)
  • Full service account management, including retirement exit strategy! 
  • Supports you with veteran industry guidance  (40+ associates and growing)
  • Leadership and Personal Development to grow your business and YOU
  • Brings donuts to the office

Celebrating Success: Our 2024 Annual Award & Appreciation Night

  • “Since joining Dominion Lending Centres Mortgage Excellence, my business and quality of life has vastly improved. I have gone from feeling overwhelmed and unheard to feeling incredibly supported in both aspects of my life, business and personal. It’s clear to me that this is where I belong.

    Dominion Lending Centres Mortgage Excellence boasts the best brokers and team, true professionals who genuinely care about their clients and everyone around them. The past 3 years have been a transformative experience for me and I feel blessed to be part of this remarkable team.”

  • Meet Your Team of Oddballs

  • “Before joining Dominion Lending Centres Mortgage Excellence, I struggled with Brokerage Support and Generating Leads, making the transition into this role quite daunting.

    Since joining the team, my experience has greatly improved. Thanks to the Underwriting Model and the Account Management team, I can focus more on connecting with referral partners, leads, and follow-ups to boost my business.”

  • How We Help You Succeed

    New associate or veteran broker, you’re supported at every step in your career. 

    With a toolkit of proven systems (trust us, we’ve gone through a lot of trial and error), you get a leg up on all the hurdles that stop other brokers from growing.

    Your Mortgage Toolkit

    Underwriting Services

    Forget the hassle of tedious details. Our underwriters save you time and energy on closing files.

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    Account Management

    An optional extra, our account managers ensure your files are smooth as icing, start to finish.

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    Administration Services

    You didn’t get into brokering to do admin. Let’s release you from the burden of paperwork.

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    Find-Your-Freedom Model

    Grow, Live, Retire – whatever your goals, we’ll make sure your business thrives.

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  • “Dominion Lending Centres Mortgage Excellence has been a game-changer for me. Before joining, I struggled with teamwork and felt alone in the business. Now, thanks to Derek, Hillary, and Graham’s support, I have the tools and information I need to succeed.”