Underwriting Services

Imagine this: You’re in your office, signing the last page of a file (ready to high five yourself) as you hit ‘send’. 

But like a boomerang, that email comes back from the bank – some detail isn’t right. 

Now you’re stuck trying to figure which ‘i’ isn’t dotted, which ‘t’ isn’t crossed.

It’s exhausting. Unless, you have access to our underwriting team – who eat this stuff for breakfast.

Our underwriters take the load off brokers like you, so you can do the part you love – closing files like a champ. 🙌

Your underwriter

  • Labels and sorts documents
  • Supports all your files from submission to funding
  • Helps condition fulfilment
  • Suggests lenders
  • Communicates with realtors and lawyers 
  • Orders appraisals
  • Covers you on your holidays
  • Requests Google/Facebook reviews
  • Manages your CRM
Mortgage Underwriting Agent

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Get support from a team of superheroes – we mean underwriters. (Same thing though, right?)

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